Moodle Help Resources

Help For Students:

  • If you are a student experiencing issues with an assignment, class resource, or your grade, please reach out to the instructor of your class...
  • If the issue is technical in nature, your instructor will contact Moodle Support and request help making the needed changes.
Moodle Support cannot make changes to course content (activities, resources, grades) without the direct advisement from the instructor of record.
  • If you are having trouble logging in, or with your "myHome" page - including missing courses - please email and Moodle Support will assist you. Please include your full name, the name of the course, and a complete description of what is giving you trouble. Please include specific details whenever possible - we <3 screenshots - because they help us resolve the issue ASAP.
  • Moodle Support available 9am to 10pm Mon-Fri
  • For issues pertaining to passwords, email, Portal, books, the library, campus computers, and registration please email IT.

For Faculty:

  • If you are an Instructor and have a Moodle question, please email
  • If your student emails you about something in a course not working, and you're not sure how to fix it, email us - and we'll go from there!
  • Please make sure to give your name, the course full name, and the name of the resource or activity in the course (if applicable). Providing as much detail as possible greatly reduced the amount of emailing back and forth. We love screenshots - don't be shy - show us what the problem is!

Your Moodle Support Team

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